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The mobility package is the EU's new regulations for road freight

The main part generally concerning road freight, applies from this month.

We are calculating the effects of the legal imposition Mobility Package, and there are several different cost elements that are affected;

Drivers on international routes will now have to rest in a hotel instead of in their own vehicle and are to return to their home country every 8 weeks. Salaries shall be based on the pay level in the country they actually work - not the level back in their home country.

All companies engaged in international freight operations are required to increase administration and reporting tasks.

These increased costs will affect transport prices for road freight, regardless of carrier or country in Europe in which they operate. On the continent, increases ranging between 9% - 18% have already been announced.


Further information about the Mobility Package

The package is divided into three "sub-packages" and some of these were already launched during 2017 - 2019.

Stricter rules for cabotage

  • change in work-hours regulations for drivers

  • introduction of a permit and tachograph in vans

  • obligation to return trucks to the company's head office every 8 weeks

  • the driver must return to the country of origin every 4 weeks

  • salaries for drivers for cabotage and third-country driving must be adjusted to the level of the country where the transport is performed

  • stricter rules for «postal companies»

  • manual registration of all lorries crossing borders in Europe