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The UK government makes changes in customs declaration system

After Brexit, the UK government has now made new regulations for UK companies with import and export from/to the UK. The new Custom Declarations Services apply for ALL UK importers which MUST register in the new CDS system before 30.9.2022.

The new rules also apply for Export from the UK – but this will be in effect from the 30th of March 2023.


Fast approaching!

The procedures are fast approaching, and action must be taken directly by all UK importers and exporters to register for the new change. The original platform (Chief) will CLOSE for imports to UK as 30.9.2022, CDS will be active 1.10.2022. The next steps will be the ability to make export documents, this ends with Chief 31.3.2023, CDS will then be active 1.4.2023.


HM Revenue and Customs is gradually moving systems for all to use CDS, this is the long-term replacement of the current system Chief. The steps below need to be taken to ensure freight can be imported or exported without interruption to the supply chain. The CDS system is designed to give a more secure and stable platform, with a bigger capacity to grow in line with the UK Governments ambitious trade lanes to have the worlds most efficient custom system by 2025.

The new changes need to be completed now.

Our team will be asking for a different set of information and data when processing your customs declarations, please be aware this will be different compared to what has been previously requested, it’s important to make notes that all CPC numbers are going to change, and some commodity codes will require additional information, this is driven by the new data requested from CDS.

What is included in the new CDS:

Access to CDS is on via a government gateway account.

CDS will offer all information in one place, giving UK traders a solid platform to access many of the reports previously sent out to them, as an example:

  • Import and export data on pre-deformed reports
  • Tariff checks
  • Applications to apply for simplifications (special clearances)
  • Online deferment statements
  • Online VAT returns




There will be lots of changes approaching and we anticipate a high volume of applications and request to make these changes happen, more important any deferment accounts already set up, HMRC will require a new bank detail to take the direct debit if this is your preferred choice.

Checklist for you:

  • You must have an EORI number - more info
  • You must be registered to use CDS - more info
  • If you have a deferment account a new direct debit will need to be created with HMRC for CDS to use.
  • How to make payments to CDS for VAT/DUTY/Cash account - more info
  • A toolkit for full details on for all to use CDS and it’s changes - more info

Watch the useful HMRC video