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ColliCare introducing a cost efficient, direct train from Italy

14th of October the train will roll out of the terminal in Parma, good news for the customers with price and environmental focus.

The Collicare train is quite unique in the market, and the Moss-based company is aiming high in regards to this new service.
– The train will go directly from Italy to Norway, and it will offer the fastest transit time in the market, says Ronny Nordmark, Development Manager in ColliCare. This means fast, price efficient and predictable shipping of our customers goods.

All wagons are lockable, as ColliCare takes security seriously.

Focus on the Environment
Introducing a train and rail service is a very popular choice. Ronny Nordmark has 16 years of experience in the field, and he is convinced it will be a big hit.

– We choose to invest in a rail service now to offer the most price efficient transport from Italy to Norway. In addition, this is the most environmentally friendly method for transporting goods. We wish to keep focusing on the environment, and this train is definitely a step in that direction, says Nordmark.

Shipping goods by rail is recognised as an environmentally friendly transportation method. It is also hugely price efficient compared to other means of transport.

Looking forward to using the train
Andreas Klamroth, Purchasing and Supply Manager in the Haugen Group, is eagerly awaiting the new service by ColliCare. He recognises many positive aspects of transporting goods by rail.

- We have a lot of goods that can be shipped by rail, and price, time and flexibility are important to us. By choosing ColliCare’s rail service, we get all of this. We wish to set an industry standard in regards to the environment, and there are few other means of transport that is as environmentally friendly over such long distances as trains, says Klamroth.

Weekly departure
ColliCare’s train has 20 wagons, every wagon has 66 pallet places and can load 63 tons. The train will depart weekly from Parma Saturday morning, arriving in to Rolvsøy, Fredrikstad Monday evening at 18:00.
Many customers have already made contact, and ColliCare are excited about the new rail service.

- Today’s volumes are good – but everybody pushes for better prices. We are a bunch of optimists, so we are expecting this to turn in to a success for both our customers and us as a company, finishes Nordmark.