Graduate or experienced, send us your application and the application process has just started!

  • we meet you with respect and honesty and want you to tell us about yourself!

  • we review your competence matching for necessary skills for the position, with regard to education and/or previous experience

  • you'll be greeted by friendly people genuinely interested in getting to know you

  • relax and feel safe, all conversations are confidential

  • you'll get feedback, no matter the outcome of the process


First time interview

This might be a teams meeting, lasting between 30-60 min. In this meeting, we really want to get to know you better and ask you to introduce yourself to us - then we will inform you about the position.

Be yourself, breathe calmly!

We invited you to this interview because we think you have an interesting background and want to get to know you better.


Second interview

For the second meeting, er prefer to meet you physically, and the meeting lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. This is an extension of our previous meeting, we find you interesting and want to go even more in-depth on professional questions.

We'll answer all your questions about the position and inform you about the further process, as to when you can expect feedback from us etc.