Invited to a job interview? Then you are a big step closer the job. Make sure to be prepared!

Get familiar with the position you are applying for

It is always an advantage have knowledge about the possible new employer, ColliCare Logistics, take a close look at our website

Something not clear? Write it down and ask about this in the end of the interview.

Prepare for how to answer if there is something you actually cannot.

Make up your mind of what your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to the position.


Did you receive a case or questions?

It might not be the actual result we are looking but maybe get hold of how you are thinking. Tell about the assumptions you made and how you reasoned.

Noe som ikke kom klart frem i førstegangsintervjuet? Tenk gjennom om det er noe du ønsker å forklare nærmere, presisere for oss.

I annengangsintervjuet er betingelser ofte en del av samtalen, vær forberedt på å svare på hvilke forventninger du har.


We would like some references from previous working relationships, make up your mind of who you want us to talk to.