We believe that it is our duty to contribute to sustainability in our line of business. That it is our duty to be a part of securing the future for the generations to come. We want to be able to look back at our achievements with pride, knowing that we did our part of the work.

Our goal is to develop ColliCare Logistics to become a leading provider of competitive and sustainable services for transport, logistics, forwarding and shipping. Along the way we wish to sustain a positive development with regard to ethical, environmental and social issues.

To help us with our work, we have signed up with EcoVadis which will hold us accountable every year. This year was our first and we received a sustainability score which keep us in the top 50%, and is therefore rewarded a bronze medal. Even if we are proud of reaching the “podium”, this is just a mere start and we know we have to step up the game to maintain and improve our score.

As sustainability plays such a huge role in all our major decisions, our risk analysis will always include

  • safety and risks

  • environmental issues

  • communication with interest groups

  • ethics and social responsibility

  • economic sustainability

Rail way surrounded by green nature and small houses
Bronze medal of ecovadis sustainability rating 2020
Loaded ship with containers on the go, with windmills in the back
Diploma of a bronze medal from ecovalis sustainability rating handed to ColliCare Logistics in 2020




By choosing ship from Klaipeda to Oslo, 
you will save about 1 ton of CO2e emissions

Knut Sollund, CEO at ColliCare Logistics