ColliCare is continuously improving processes to minimise the impact on the environment. As a business, we are obliged to follow the environmental standards outlined by the authorities. In addition, our customers and our employees are expecting us to commit to a responsible policy. 

Environmental Policy

  • we declare to our employees, customers and other stakeholders to conduct our business with respect and thoughtfulness for the environment

  • we will implement our successful strategies as environmentally friendly as possible

  • we will continuously seek solutions and technology that are the most environmentally friendly, and as far as possible implement these

Environmental Measures

  • smart planning to ensure efficient logistics, maximise capacity and minimise the use of resources

  • smart use of materials and capacity, which allows fewer transport units and lower emissions

  • make our customers and stakeholders aware of, as well as offer more environmentally friendly means of transport

    • change the way of transport from road to sea where it is possible

    • change the way of transport from road to train where it is possible

    • combine road and sea freight where it is possible

    • combine air and sea freight where it is possible

  • offer electronic communication, aiming at a paperless office. Among other strategies is electronic invoicing

 ColliCare finds it important to take environmental measures to contain and improve our reputation.