As a global actor strong integrity and respect for all cultures and individuals are the core of our existence as a professional business.
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Our Code of Conduct calls both management and employees for a culture of high ethical standards. There should not be any doubt that credibility is crucial for us in all aspects of our business. Everyone in ColliCare is obligated to follow our Code of Conduct without any exceptions.

We expect all our partners and sub-contractors to hold the same ethical standard, and has therefore developed a Suppliers Code of Conduct that anyone doing business on our behalf must commit to.  


If any breaches occurs, all employees, sub-contractors, stakeholders, customers or business partners are urged to use our whistleblower procedure. You can report your concerns anonymously and without any fear of reprimands of any sorts. All deviations will be handled through our HSE routines.

Child Labour

A part of our ethics work is of course to say no to child labour and anything connected with such. We take internal measures and, especially in the Far East, we can offer our partners and customers service to ensure a production process without child labour. We can actively visit the production sites and immediately report back to you. Together we can contribute to ending such a horrific misuse.

Employees Responsibility

It is the responsibility to each employee to ensure they operate within all laws and regulations and within the highest ethical standards possible. Both management and employees need to ensure they are compliant both internally and externally to create and maintain the strongest confidence in our business.