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ColliCare Group cuts emissions

Yes, we aim to cut emissions by 55% by 2030 and are proud to tell we are well off already!

Our future strategy is to get even more environmentally friendly throughout our business.

Since the reference year 2017, we are happy to announce that we have cut our emissions on all transport by 29% so far.

As a proud partner to the Science Based agreement, we are committed to our emission-cutting goals. 
The goal is in line with Science Based Target, the Paris Agreement, and the goals of the Norwegian government.


How we do this

  • aim to move transportation from road to sea, 

  • make usage of more electric trains in Europe, 

  • use both biofuel and electric trucks where possible,

  • measure our emissions well.

We are cooperating closely with our core customers to find the most emission-cutting solution for the different transportation needs and routes. Among them, we have several electric trucks on daily routes for our customer Ahlsell.

Calculating emission computations is a service we offer to our customers which helps both us and our customers to act upon environmental issues and preserve the environment.

Emission calculations give you

  • an analysis of your carbon emissions across the entire value chain

  • an overview of the total company emissions, or specific routes

  • an overview of the company's environmental impact

  • a tool to make it easier to set environmental targets

  • the results point the way to good emission management 

  • documentation of parts of the company's total social responsibility

Here you can learn more about emission calculation